How long have you been waiting
For famine to return
A dark harvest you’ve been wanting
Is that why you let it burn
Consume all that’s before you
Without a second thought
Eat what you will but know this
Unyielding plague you’ve brought

How long have you been waiting
For Eden to return
Perfection’s so demanding
Is that why you never learned

My candle burns the wick and I
Start to digest I am out of time
Let the lights go out
Let the danger spread
As we fight for life
We are left for dead

And I’m gone
And you’re gone
Nothing is left
But a husk
And the heart… of the locust

The heart of the locust

Swarming swarming swarming

My god
My soul
It’s all gone
Now that it’s done

There’s nothing left
— Dread Engine - The Heart of the Locust